Simply Ask. A Guide to Religious Sensitivity for Healthcare Professionals


© Gerrie Lubbe 2013

Edited for electronic distribution by Michel Clasquin-Johnson


When the piglet Babe, in the movie with the same name, is entered by his owner for the sheepdog trials, he initially has problems gaining the cooperation of the sheep. After consulting a senior ewe on how to win their trust, he is told simply to ask nicely! He follows suit and the sheep perform flawlessly on the day of the trials.

It is certainly our wish that this book may become a guide to all healthcare professionals. Of course, we do not expect doctors and nurses to become walking encyclopedias of the do's and don'ts of the religious traditions in our country. However, if we learn from Babe, and observe the golden rule to simply ask nicely when, still, we do not know, we can go a long way in becoming sensitive to the spiritual needs of all recipients of health care.

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