Quagga Kultuur: Reflections on South African Popular Culture.


Edited by Michel Clasquin © Aurora Press 2003

"This book has a bad title. Conventional wisdom tells us that a book's title should be easy to recognise, evocative, and short. Above all, it should persuade the prospective reader to part with his capital and become a book-owner instead of a money-owner. Or at least, if the book is encountered on a library shelf, make her a reader instead of a browser. The title of a book should not normally involve more than one language. But this is a South African book, and the mad magic, or magical madness, of South Africa has often enough triumphed over conventional wisdom. And therefore we present a book with a title designed, and I use the term loosely, deliberately to obscure its subject matter. A title drawn from three languages, but ultimately true to none of them. A title that demands an explanation. Which gives me a good excuse to write a preface ..."


Michel Clasquin: 
Preface to Quagga Kultuur

Section 1: Popular Culture in the Visual Media

Musa Ndlovu and Magriet Pitout: 
The South African Broadcasting Corporation
and Social Responsibility Media Theory: Yizo Yizo.

Matome A Mahasha: 
Social Globalisation: The Bold and the Beautiful

Magriet Pitout: 
The Addictive Nature of the Soap Opera:
Generic Conventions and Viewers' Pleasure

Janet Pantland: 
Acts of Religion ... in South Park

Magriet Pitout: 
Violence in symbolic forms of popular culture:
a structural analysis of The Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles and The Powerpuff Girls

Section 2: Popular Culture in the Written Media

Natasha Distiller
: The Life and Times of William Tsikinya-Chaka:
English Literature in South Africa

Michel Clasquin: 
“Once the Buddha Was a Seagull ...”
Reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull
As a Mahayana Buddhist Text

Pamela McNaughton: 
From Print to “Print!”
The Screening of Jane Austen's Novels

Section 3: Popular Culture in Historical Context

Peter Buchholz
: Renaissances and Transformations:
Successes and Failures in Identity Construction

Section 4: Popular Culture and Contemporary South African Issues

Mpine Qakisa
: The portrayal of HIV-positive
women in the South African media

David J Carter: 
A Time for Healing: The Therapeutic 
Community in South Africa

Nkosinathi Sotshangane: 
What Impact Does Globalisation Have on Cultural Diversity?

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