Common or Garden Dharma. Essays on Contemporary Buddhism, Volume 2

by Michel Clasquin-Johnson © 2011

A number of shorter works that I have written over the years for which I never signed off the electronic rights - mostly because they didn't exist back then! This is the second book in the series. 


Introduction to Volume II

Religion - What is it, anyway?

Religion and art

The Martians are coming! Or going, actually

Demythologization in Ancient India

Something that might interest you ...

Journey to Lhasa in Tibet by Brian Lawrenson. $3.99 from
An ancient, beat-up, rusty Chinese bus is the transport to Lhasa from Nepal. It providing an unforgettable travel experience. Visit the ten storey high Potala Palace once the home of the Dalai Lama and his Summer Palace and the monasteries of Sera and Deprung.

Buddhism and Human Rights

Hinduism in Tshwane (Pretoria)

Ixopo: The story of a South African Buddhist center

A missed opportunity? The WCRP Declaration of 1992

Buddhism, science and other world views

On being Buddhist and unemployed

Symbolic reactionism

Why we should study Buddhism

The Second Coming™©

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