Common or Garden Dharma. Essays on Contemporary Buddhism, Volume 1

by Michel Clasquin-Johnson © 2011


A number of shorter works that I have written over the years for which I never signed off the electronic rights - mostly because they didn't exist then! Some started out as academic articles and have been rewritten to appeal to a broader audience. Others were written in a popular style, but were tucked away in newsletters that were not archived or on defunct web sites. A few were published in books that went out of print years ago.

I am making a few of these available as a free e-book. It does not include articles that can easily be found online, even if they are stuck behind a paywall.

The essays are not arranged from oldest to newest. They don't pretend to form any sort of coherent whole. Each essay stands (or falls, more likely) on its own. Each one expressed my opinion at the time: I may have changed my mind since then, but you will have to wait for my new publications to find out. And here and there I have sneaked in something that doesn't deal with Buddhism at all, but which I still think is worth sharing.


Something that might interest you ...

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Buddhism vs myth

Compassion for the Earth

The pope and Buddhism

Asian reactions to HIV/AIDS

Buddhism in South Africa

An outsider's view of Christianity

Where are all those black Buddhists, then?

Being well, well-being, being a well being

Peaceful Mind, Mindful of Peace

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