Saving Anne and Other Stories


by Michel Clasquin-Johnson © 2012

A collection of five somewhat funny, somewhat dark, occasionally raucous and, I hope, always thought-provoking science fiction stories. In typical SF style, there's always a "what if" lurking behind the story itself. 

Castaway: What if you were marooned in the distant past? 

The Dread-Eyed Immense Trilobite Yogi: What if humans were not the first intelligent beings on this planet to ponder the mysteries of life and death? 

Flash, in the Can: What if your life was a lie invented by a writer in another universe?

Saving Anne: What if your entire civilization depended on the horrible death of a teenage girl?

Parasite: What if there was a race of semi-immortal, sexually irresistible men living among us, and living off us? 

© 2012

Warning to the easily offended: The last story in this collection contains some "strong" language and oblique references to various sexual acts.

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