Former Selves and Other Stories


by Michel Clasquin-Johnson © 2012

A seeker after knowledge in the Himalayas. An old man whose kind secretly runs the world. A historian with an unusual source of knowledge about things past. A very ... special child. These are the characters that come to life in the four short stories in this collection. With four 100-word flash fiction stories as a bonus.

1. Thou art that. All of it. Would you like to recall all your previous lives? You may end up remembering more than you can handle ...

2. Better Nature. For three hundred years we have ruled your world. All of you, the chimeras and the few genetically pure humans we keep around as a reference point. But how long can it last?

3. Former Selves. Yes, of course I thought I was going crazy when I first started hearing the voices. But they turned out to be quite useful.

4. Charlie. Some children are forced to grow up quickly. For Charlie, milliseconds were enough.

 © 2012

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A wonderful compendium of well-written stories