366 Squared, Volume 6 - June

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If this is your first taste to the wacky world of 366 Squared, welcome. For the old hands, welcome back, and I trust you will enjoy the new collection of bite-sized stories, vignettes and essays based on the day of the year.

In this volume you will find something new. 27 and 28 June turned out to be particularly frustrating days. There was just nothing on those days that got my creative juices flowing. Throughout July and August I came back to them over and over, and … nothing. And so I am proud to announce … well, actually, I'm not proud of it at all, but for those two days I wrote one 732-word essay and spread it over the two days. Before you all start demanding your money back, let me point out that there are two bonus stories elsewhere in the collection.

Highlights this month (meaning my personal favourites, of course)?

  • Why Bhutan was the last place on Earth to get TV service.
  • What really happened to Judge Crater.
  • The Iliad was a cover-up!
  • The Danes are not going to like knowing where their flag actually came from.
  • Why the first and the second woman PhD students were separated by 200 years.

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