366 Squared, Volume 1 - January


One day, one story, at exactly 366 words each, that is the promise of 366 SQUARED, the short-short story / flash fiction collection that raises the question "In the age of multi-novel book series, is this guy for real?" Yes, he is, and 366 SQUARED is the launch of a new era in literature for busy people. If you are tired of reading for an entire day, only to end up with yet another cliffhanger and an invitation to buy another book, 366 SQUARED is the book series for you! Dip into it, read a few days' worth, then get on with your life until you are ready for more. 

For January, we examine some historical events, with special attention to the weird and wacky. Highlights include 

(1) The dangers of technology to the moral fibre of the nation, as represented by the introduction of the electric wristwatch,

(2) Why planetoids should never be named after sexy TV characters,

(3) The futility of trying to change history, and 

(4) Equal rights for super-villains! 

What else have we got? A conspiracy theory here, a toe-dip into Singularity fiction / cyberpunk there … Yes, I'd say January turned out to be a good month. 

Volume 1: January contains 31 stories, vignettes or mini-essays, each at precisely 366 words. Buy now, before they run out of electrons!

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