366 Squared, Volume 0 - Free Sampler


To start with, this volume will contain 12 short stories (exactly 366 words each) to present the kind of story that this series will contain. As the twelve volumes in the series are published, this book will be updated, each time with an additional story from the latest volume. Each story in this volume is based on a true historical event. But that is merely a starting point ... 

Update: Smashwords made me unpublish this volume, so it is now only available from this local download and from any pirate websites where I manage to upload it. It is unlikely that the original plan of updating it with every new volume is now a realistic option.

Price: Free! 

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ⓒ 2013

REVIEWS of 366 Squared, Volume 0: Free Sampler

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On Smashwords: ☆☆☆☆ I was intrigued and entertained. I smiled and chuckled, enjoying "spotting" the story. Looking forward to reading the next one!