366 Squared


This series comes from a challenge I set myself in September 2012: write a story a day for a year. Almost every story in this series is based on a real event, a celebration, a birth or a death associated with a specific day.  If the reference is too obscure, you can look it up in the back of the book, where all the day references are listed. And it is just a reference to that day. The actual action in the story may take place slightly earlier or later in time. It may even betransposed centuries into the past or future, or into an alternative universe influenced by what did (not) happen that day, in true science fiction style. 

I did say almost every story. For some days of the year, I just could not find something tied to that day in history to write anything interesting about. But fear not! You will receive your daily quota of words. For such days, there will be a little essay, a poem, well, something.

These are short-short stories, or flash fiction, if you prefer. I enjoy the discipline of writing to a precise limit, creating an entire world in a single page; it's a little like writing haiku poetry. I therefore considered limiting myself to an exact number of words, but on what basis? 100 words, 500 words, or what? The answer suggested itself: "366 366-word stories" has a nice ring to it, and that ended up giving me the title "366 Squared". 

I still consider myself a science fiction writer, but in these stories I gave myself some leeway to experiment with other genres. A stream-of-consciousness story  here, a ghost story there … if it isn't fun, why bother? I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. 

366 Squared, Volume 0 - Free Sampler


To start with, this volume will contain 12 short stories (exactly 366 words each) to present the kind of story that this series will contain. As the twelve volumes in the series are published, this book will be updated, each time with an additional story from the latest volume. …

366 Squared, Volume 1 - January


One day, one story, at exactly 366 words each, that is the promise of 366 SQUARED, the short-short story / flash fiction collection that raises the question "In the age of multi-novel book series, is this guy for real?" Yes, he is, and 366 SQUARED is the launch of a new era in literature for busy people. …

366 Squared, Volume 2 - February

vol 2 Cover sm

Welcome to Volume 2 of 366 Squared, the e-book series that poses the question, "Just how much sense and/or nonsense can one say in 366 words?" This volume contains twenty-nine entries covering the month of February. It turned out to be a difficult month, and there are more mini-essays than I originally planned. …

366 Squared, Volume 3 - March

vol 3 Cover sm

This volume was published out of sequence. The reasons for that were explained in Volume 4. I am just happy to be able to put it out there today. We are more than a year late. But we have three billion years to go before the sun expands into a red giant, swallows the Earth and all it ever produced, and all this will be moot anyway. …

366 Squared, Volume 4 - April


"Hey dude, what happened to March?" 

I know, I know. The last volume to come out was February. 

Well, we moved. It was a big, traumatic move that involved four sets of attorneys, two estate agents (one not speaking to her own client, the other … well, never mind), a building crew, a busted geyser, a busted electrical gate, a swimming pool that resembled the black lagoon, and a computer that was standing idle at the other house. …

366 Squared, Volume 5 - May


For the merry, merry month of May, a collection of 31 short stories to wipe that spring-is-here smirk right off your face. As usual, a blend of science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction and the occasional mini-essay. As always, each story told in exactly 366 words. …

366 Squared, Volume 6 - June

vol 6 Cover sm

If this is your first taste to the wacky world of 366 Squared, welcome. For the old hands, welcome back, and I trust you will enjoy the new collection of bite-sized stories, vignettes and essays based on the day of the year.

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