Hungarian (Magyar nyelv) is a Uralic language in the Ugric language group, distantly related to Finnish, Estonian and a number of other minority languages spoken in the Baltic states and northern European Russia eastward into central Siberia. Hungarian is the majority language spoken in Hungary and also by Hungarian communities in the seven neighbouring countries and by diaspora communities worldwide. There are about 14.5 million native speakers, of whom 9.5–10 million live in present-day Hungary. About 2.5 million speakers live outside present-day Hungary, but in areas that were part of the Kingdom of Hungary before the Treaty of Trianon (Wikipedia).

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From Hungarian:

Magyar ➠➠ Dansk (225 KB)

Magyar ➠➠ English (28.6 MB)

Magyar ➠➠ English (24.5 MB)

Magyar ➠➠ Français (1.5 MB)

Magyar ➠➠ Svenska (262 KB)

To Hungarian:

Dansk ➠➠ Magyar (209 KB)

Deutsch ➠➠ Magyar (6.6 MB)

English ➠➠ Magyar (19 MB)

English ➠➠ Magyar (13.2 MB)

English ➠➠ Magyar (28.7 MB)

Français ➠➠ Magyar (1.5 MB)

Italiano  ➠➠ Magyar (1.2 MB)

Svenska ➠➠ Magyar (348 KB)

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