To add my repository to your Haiku installation, you need to be running a recent nightly installation of Haiku. Version 4.1 will not do.

Open a Terminal and type one of the following two commands:

For the officially supported x86_gcc2_hybrid distribution of Haiku:

pkgman add-repo

For the unsupported x86_64 distribution of Haiku:

pkgman add-repo

Then just open HaikuDepot and my packages will be available for installation.

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to have both of my repos installed on your system. All the "any" packages on the gcc2 repo are duplicated on the x86_64 one. Compiled X86_64 apps will not run on x86_gcc2h and vice versa.

To remove my repository from your Haiku installation (why?) , open a Terminal and type:

pkgman drop-repo "clasqm's repo"


pkgman drop-repo "clasqm's x86_64 repo"

To see what's new in the repo, see my blog. For a quick visual overview of some of the more significant packages, see my gallery.

If you would like to contribute to the repo, see the instructions here.

Other Haiku repositories:

Actually, just add my repo, then install the package add3rdpartyrepositories It will install al the repos below for you.




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