If you have made something you would like to share on the repo, this is where we do that.

"Something" does not necessarily mean an application. Fonts, icons, artwork and multimedia can all be packed into a HPKG.

If you know how to make a HPKG, be sure to set the "vendor" field to "clasqm", otherwise I'll just have to rip it apart and recompile it. The package will not upload to the repo if  your name is in the vendor field.

If you are not sure how that packaging thing would work, don't worry, I have a fair bit of experience making these things by now. Let me have a .zip with your files and if applicable, a link to the website and your contribution can be on the repo within a week or so. 

We start with an email. Convince me that you've got something worth adding to the repo. That sounds more daunting than it really is. This repo proudly maintains an "everything and the kitchen sink" policy. If it runs, the license allows it, and you haven't written the world's first Haiku virus, we're fine. 

I will test your application before I put it on the repo. If all is well, it will be in the next repo refresh, which mostly happens on Sunday afternoon, South African time.

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