Repo update - mid-May 2017


Sometime last year, I talked about my frustration with old SDL games for BeOS. Well, I finally …

Repo update - very late April 2017


I wasn't expecting to have another repo update to report, but there are some new things on the …

Yabdabbadoo update


A major rewrite of the Yabadabbadoo IDE (0.4.1-2) for yab is now up on the clasqm x86_gcc2 repo

Repo update - Late April 2017

trope on gcc2

Nothing much new to report in terms of new applications, sorry. There is just one new SDL game:

Repo update - April 2017


Things have been quiet on the clasqm repo, but that doesn't mean that there are no new entries.  …

Repo update - Early March 2017


Just a small update today, but we see a new category in Haiku Software.

First of all, AndrewZ …

Repo update - End of February 2017


Yes, I am still around. You guys just got spoiled last year with the weekly uploads. Let's see …

Great news!


Today I deleted some major apps from my repo. Things like Artpaint and LibreCAD.

How is this …

Repo update - Early February 2017


Not too much to report this week. I did warn you that my day job was catching up with me ...

Repo update - end of January 2017


Greetings and Salutations, denizens of the Haikuverse. It's been a few weeks since I gave you …

Repo update - mid-January 2017


Well, things have been going rather smoothly here at Clasqm Repositories International. The …


When you have over a thousand packages to take care of, sometimes errors slip in. If you find …

Last gasp


On Monday I am back at the office after a long break (and a well-deserved one, even if I say …

Interim update


Yes, I know, you weren't expecting to hear from me until next  week and who does this guy think …

What I did in my summer holiday


I'M BACK! You may recall that I took a self-imposed break from repo uploads to give the kids …

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