Repo update - mid-January 2017

Well, things have been going rather smoothly here at Clasqm Repositories International. The list of new QT apps keeps growing and most of them are compiling on x86_64 as well.


First of all, as promised last week here is Dario's port of SQLiteBrowser. More significant than you might think: You can use it as a general-purpose database manager, of course, but a lot of other apps use the SQLite format to store their data and this could well be the Swiss Army Knife we need when they go wrong.


Netbeans may well be the most complex application now available for Haiku. It is primarily a Java IDE, of course, but it can handle C, C++ and PHP as well.


But the app that wins the prize for the weirdest name is QGreatstAtzenta. The author is Greek, maybe it means something over there? It is a contacts manager, not compatible with People files, of course.


What's this? A Native Haiku app? Yes, Sisong is a text editor/IDE. Some interesting angles here: it works with a buildscript system, so you are not limited to C++ and automake. This could theoretically be used with yab's BuildFactory, for example. You could develop HTML in it and use hey in the buildscript to refresh WebPositive. Thanks to Brian Hill (Perelandra) for the heads-up.


TxtReader takes us back to QT4. It is an ebook reader for text files and really simple HTML files. 


qMetro: this one is for you world travellers. it calculates the travel times between subway stations in over 200 cities around the world. A few rough edges in this port, but overall it is a welcome new addition to the Haiku-sphere.


QCodeCS converts text files between different encodings, much like my own app TextLab


Multidocument is a Java-based text editor with an unusual (for Haiku) interface. yes, I know, it's not as if we are desperately short of text editors. But choice is good, right?


QeoDart is an educational geography game. I did OK on European countries, but my knowledge of german Länder is utterly pathetic. I can find Bavaria - it's the big one in the South ...


Finally, QBrows is a minimalist web browser. The bookmarks are not working, but otherwise things are looking good for this Webkit-based little app.

As always, instructions on how to get my apps can be found here.

On a more general note, I am making an effort to keep up to date on all these non-native ports in my repo. Which means learning the rudiments of git and subversion. There probably won't be an update next week, then.

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