Repo update - Late April 2017

Nothing much new to report in terms of new applications, sorry. There is just one new SDL game: BomberInstinct.


I am porting my yab apps to the x86_64 repository. Yep, they work, but I'm seeing something strange. This is the Trope text editor running on the original x86_gcc2 version of Haiku:

trope on gcc2

And this is the same program, with exactly the same code, running on x86_64.

trope on x86 64

Notice something? look at the bottom-right corner. An entire widget  is cut off by  a window that is far narrower than it should be. Weird.

I'll look into it, but the problem is probably in the yab port to x86_64 and the way it talks to the app_server. I don't want to maintain separate codebases, so I'll have to think in terms of detecting which version of Haiku is running and changing the window size parameters accordingly. Anyway, that snippets widget is not the most vital part of the program, and Trope is perfectly usable without it. My other apps, which generally don't let themselves be resized, port to 64-bit much better. The yab runtime on x86_64 is a non-official port, anyway.

Big changes will be coming to the Yabadabbadoo IDE for yab in the near future, among them support for more text editors, support for the vstm todo manager (working again, by the way, give it a try) so that you can keep track of your progress in your programming, a direct link to the Build-Factory and rudimentary support for GitHub. 

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