Repo update - end of January 2017

Greetings and Salutations, denizens of the Haikuverse. It's been a few weeks since I gave you some new apps to play with, but fear not, anything that will compile with nothing more than qmake && make will be compiled! Anything that is more complicated than that, I wait for Dario or Giovanni to compile for me. 


Here are the newcomers on the gcc2 repo. Some of them may be on x86_64 as well.


qSoloCards is a collection of Solitaire card games. With context-sensitive help, hints and a cheat mode.


SchismTracker is an SDL-based audio app ported by Dario. Sorry it took so long to get this up and running: we had to sort out the dependencies. My fault entirely.

qpass x86

qPass is an encrypting password manager. If you have a separate data partition, save your password database there and you can access it from any Haiku partition. Also contains a password generator.


Suqoku is a sudoku implementation.


From the programmer who specialises in incomprehensible program names comes one that at least makes some sense: qGreatstWeightCalculator. Calculate your body mass index. Get scolded by your computer.


qPeriodicTable is, well, the Periodic Table. I think we now have this in native, Java and QT forms!


qtRehber is a free and open source address book written with Qt4. It can store your contacts and allows you to manage them. Not compatible with People files, of course.


QXmlEdit is a simple XML editor based on qt libraries. Its main features are unusual data visualisation modes, nice XML manipulation and presentation and it is multi platform. It can split very big XML files into fragments, and compare XML files. It is one of the few graphical Open Source XSD viewers.

The XML editor widget is based on a library that can be imported and used in other applications.

OK, This seems to me to be a solution in search of a problem. XML files will open in a text editor without any problems. But if you are a big XML user, this may be for you.


Q: How many Samegame clones does a platform need? 

A: More!


SunCalculator will compute sunrise and sunset wherever you are. Don't leave on that round-the-world sea voyage without your Haiku box! And congratulations to the author for releasing the app without smuggling a "q" into the name.


jPeces is an implementation of the Tangram game. I really suck at this ...


You will need a physical Twister mat to use the qTwister utility. Then it will help you get into undignified postures like this:


It's just an excuse for people to smell each others' crotches, really. Enjoy!



Yapbam is a personal bank account manager.

Yapbam is free, open-source,  cross-platform (it runs under Windows, MacOs, Linux, etc ...), portable (you can put it on an USB key) and easy to use.

It can synchronise your data across multiple computers using your Dropbox account (even if the Dropbox client is not installed on the computer).


Squash is a graphical batch image resizer.


SubNamer is a utility to rename subtitle files to accord with your videos. UNTESTED. It compiles, it runs, but I don't really know enough about this to test it properly.

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