Repo update - Early March 2017

Just a small update today, but we see a new category in Haiku Software.

First of all, AndrewZ has ported the Picat programming language and I managed to package it for x86_gcc2. This is not an easy language for beginners. "You would likely need at least an undergraduate degree in computer science or a background in logic programming". You have been warned! But with great complexity comes great power, as Uncle Ben used to say.

I've run into problems with compiling it on x86_64, but we'll keep on trying.


Keplerey is a browser for BibTeX or mendeley bibliographic databases. Yes, those are my publications in the screenshot. Also available on x86_64.


Mednafen is a command-line front-end that can play a variety of old 8-bit games. Thanks to Dario de la Cruz for the port.


Simsu is yet another Sudoku game. Also available on x86_64.

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