Repo update - April 2017

Things have been quiet on the clasqm repo, but that doesn't mean that there are no new entries.  I have been busy packaging lots and losts of fonts and tweaking FontMonkey to work with them. 


Also, my ebooks project is  proceeding at full steam. If you haven't tried them yet, install an ebook package today! The project is heavily oriented towards science fiction, but there are other kinds of ebooks as well.

ebooks scifi leiber collection

But is there anything really new? Yes, indeed. I have just uploaded the initial version of LiftOff. It is an app launcher, and it does not look like much. Wherever you keep the Deskbar, LiftOff will appear on the opposite side of the screen with a list of all your apps (Thanks to Giovanni for helping me extract that list). Yes, it replicates some of the deskbar's abilities, And it's not as pretty, but it scrolls much, much faster. 


How to use: Assign LiftOff to a key. If you are right-handed, I suggest something on the left side of the keyboard (I use F1). hit that key and it comes up. A single click on the app you want launches it, and LiftOff gets out of your way. If you have installed or uninstalled applications, just select Refresh from the File menu.

This is an initial version. I may put in a Search field later on.

I've also (finally) gotten around to packaging old SDL games, and you will be seeing a lot of them in future. 


Fanwor (Fantastic World, The Legend of Gemda) is an action-adventures in the style of the old Nintendo game 'The Legend of Zelda'.


Sasteroids is an enhanced port of XAsteroids. It's Asteroids, guys. You know how to play Asteroids.


Falsoyd is another Asteroids clone. What can I say? I like Asteroids. When I was a kid, my entire allowance went into those machines.


TimeTracker is a native app that let's you keep track of how much time you are spending on various projects.

Little updates: You will be seeing many apps in my repo receive small updates over the next year or so. I am offloading the source code of selected apps  to HaikuArchives, where better programmers than I can see how they can tweak them back into up-to-date citizens of the Haiku world. So the resulting HPKGs will be a little smaller and your hard drive a little less crowded. hey, every little bit helps.

In the process, I am also storing my own yab apps on GitHub. I am still feeling my way into this, but if you want to see the development (or otherwise) of my yab code, well, now you can. I don't play well with others, but if you'd like to take one of my ideas and see if you can do better, git clone is your friend.

So yes, the mad pace of 2016 is over, but I am not abandonng the repo! Just trurning back to my own programmimg and porting things over at a more leisurely rate. the gcc2 repo stands at over 1200 packages by now, so I can start thinking about quality over quantity. And as always, I see my repos as supplementary to HaikuPorts, not as competition. If you notice that an app on my repo has been officially adopted and has become available on the HaikuPorts repo, let me know. I'll take mine down.

Finally, thanks to everyone who sent me bug reports. I appreciate them, even if the problem is upstream and I can do little about it.

© Michel Clasquin-Johnson 2014-2017