Interim update

Yes, I know, you weren't expecting to hear from me until next  week and who does this guy think he is, hogging the Haikuverse bandwidth like this? But there are some important developments.


I am now hosting perelandra0x309's great new Preference called depots. You will also find it on the x86_64 repo as depots_64. It is a temporary arrangment. There is an effort to get this into the main Haiku build, when it will be renamed repositories. Installing repositories, once it becomes available, should uninstall this one.

I am really impressed with this little preflet and it is on my list of first things to install on a new Haiku partition. So just get it while it's hot!

If you are using my devdocs series of  packages, prepare yourself for an avalanche of big downloads coming the next time you run pkgman update. This is to make sure that they work with the new BePDF_x86, which is a great improvement over the old BePDF. Sorry about the bandwidth.

Two more newbies:


Colorcode is a Mastermind clone. You know how it works. There's a QT5 version that may replace this one later on if it offers significant advantages.


Colortool is a developer's tool to determine the various ways a colour can be encoded. Once you have selected your six colours, you can generate a contact sheet with all the details in PDF or SVG format.

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