Great news!

Today I deleted some major apps from my repo. Things like Artpaint and LibreCAD.

How is this great news? Well, these apps are now available on the HaikuDepot repository. I have always seen my repo as an interim measure, not as something in opposition to the official repositories. So, if all those Haikuporter recipes are being released as real HPKGs, that makes me very happy, and whenever I become aware of this happening, I will delete my version.

OK, with that out of the way, what's new in the repo?


ttfh (Tic Tac Toe from Hell) is an advanced version of Tic Tac Toe. Yes, really.


Tubularix is probably the weirdest version of Tetris yet.


Yagodu is a password manager.


yoDownet is a download manager.


Znotes is yet another notes manager.

 I've now finished my collection of QT4 apps to try and compile. Next time, we start with QT5 apps.

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