When you have over a thousand packages to take care of, sometimes errors slip in. If you find any errors, please report them. I have a special partition in which I load every package on my repo as a regular user, but sometimes things slip past me.

The x86_64 repo was offline for 24 hours with a checksum error. I re-uploaded and it seems to be OK now.

Back on the gcc2 repo, the following errors have been fixed:

Worldfactbook now uses bepdf_x86 to read pdf files. Yes, that is an enormous download. Sorry, but it's a change for the better, believe me.

Gif2png was having the persistent libpng problem that we've been seeing lately, not just on my repo.

Bfrunner_x86, cliphist2_x86 and realforth were my error completely. If you can see the package on your repo but pkgman and HaikuDepot report that it cannot be found, the problem is almost always a mismatch between the "name" and "provides" sections of .PackageInfo. Re-uploading now, so if you have been trying to install those, give it another shot.

The x86_64 equivalents of bfrunner, cliphist2 and gif2png should be fixed with the next regular upload.

There are some packages that are beyond my control. QT5_x86 is struggling with the dreaded libpng problem, so things like gottet_x86 and qelectrotech_x86 will be out of reach for a while, until that gets fixed on Haikuports.

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