Making Haiku even more Terminal-friendly.

If you've been runing pkgman update you will have seen that I've been updating apps starting with AardVark and working my way up to Zebra ;-). The B's were a lot to get through, thanks to the legacy of apps called BeSomethingOrOther.

I'm coming across apps I haven't thought about for months and years, seeing errors I made when I first packaged them. The /documentation vs. /documentation/packages issue is slowly being resolved.

But I noticed something else. if you run the command echo $PATH in Terminal you will see that your main applications directory /boot/system/apps is in the search path. That is great. I love being able just to type WebPositive or StyledEdit in Terminal and have the application pop up. Great for scripts too.

Except ... This does not work if your app is in a subdirectory of /boot/system/apps or, heaven forbid, in the /boot/home/config/apps hierarchy. Of course, we could add bits to the $PATH until we run into weird memory errors, but I think I have a better way.

I am putting a lowercased link to the app in the /bin hierarchy in every one of my packages. If the app is called MyGreatApp, the command line will launch it when you type mygreatapp. If you have no use for this, you can just ignore it. But for those of us who spend a lot of time with Terminals open, it will be very useful, I hope. A bit of work for me, but hey, I'm working my way through the repo anyway. 80 packages down, 335 to go. Expect this to run through May.

I'm not going to second-guess which apps wopuld be useful linked like this. I'm linking everything, even games.

Apart from this, these updates generally add no new features, just a slow and steady cleanup. When it is all done, I will reassess the state of the repo. Perhaps it is time to start being more selective about new Java apps to add. We probably have enough text editors now. Also, I need more time to get back to my own programming.

But if you've written something you'd like me  to put on the repo, by all means contact me. I'm setting up a contribution system.

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