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This is the personal web site of Michel Clasquin-Johnson, known around the virtual world as clasqm.

What do you mean, "never heard of him"? See my books page for more info about me. Or read my academic blog or my  occasional blog

OS X Is the operating system for Apple computers. This site contains a few libraries and plugins that I have made.

Haiku is an alternative Operating System. I dabble in application programming in this platform.

Buddhism is one of the world's main religions. Here I store links to my e-books on the subject (some of them are free!). 

You can also take a look at my books, both fiction and non-fiction. Oh, go on and buy my books, they're cheap. Some are even FREE.

People are very visually oriented animals. How things look is important to us, so I have a small family photo album online and another one here. I'm the one with the beard.

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I finally broke down and joined Facebook,  then Google+  Facebook is probably your best bet, I don't update the other one nearly as much.

Short URL for this website: http://tinyurl.com/profclasquin

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